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Catering Paella Pans

Paella is traditionally considered a dish that consists of either meat or fish combined with vegetables and rice. It is cooked over an open fire in large paella pans and guests would eat directly from the pan. Modern etiquette means that while this type of arrangement may not be to everybody’s tastes (you’re unlikely to see diners eating from the same pan in a restaurant, for example) there are those occasions when large catering paella pans, burners, and other accessories can prove an ideal addition to an event.

Catering paella pans are ideal for kitchens and restaurants. Large pans can vary in size from 50cm to 70cm, which should prove more than adequate for preparing 12 to 15 servings. Using a large pan also means that you can keep the layer of rice as thin as possible to give the best tasting results. Rice that is spread too thickly is likely to clump and you will not get a uniform flavour across the dish.

Catering Paella Burners

Large paella pans can be combined with paella burners and other accessories for outdoor cooking as well. The dish will prove popular at events, exhibitions, shows, and even festivals. It can be prepared and cooked in a marquee or, weather permitting, right outdoors. Diners can be given an authentic taste of Valencia without leaving UK shores.

Choose the material of big paella pans according to your requirements. For a traditional looking and tasting paella you can consider terracotta pans. These really look the part and are especially suited for those occasions when diners and guests are likely to be watching the paella being cooked or helping themselves to your top quality and highly appealing catering.

Catering Paella Sets

More non-stick varieties of catering paella pans also exist. Enamelled steel pans are a very good choice for their combination of practicality and uniformity. A traditional paellerra will have a convex base which means that the rice cooks differently in the middle of the pan to the outside but with a flat bottom enamelled steel pan you can get the same level and dispersal of heat throughout, ensuring that everybody has the same level of enjoyment from your traditional cooking.
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