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Paella Cooking Sets
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Paella is a delicious rice dish that comes from Valencia, a region located on the eastern coast of Spain. Not only does the dish taste amazing, but it also has a rich and interesting history. Legend has it that the early origins of the dish come from Moorish Spain. The servants of kings first created these rice dishes by combining a variety of leftovers after banquets and other royal parties. It was basically a casserole dish that contained rice, spices, fish, and any other leftover ingredients.

The dish continued to evolve over time, and in the mid-19th century modern paella pan was born. This dish was created near lake Albufera, when field workers would throw whatever they could find onto a flat pan and cook it over fire. Aside from rice, their version included ingredients such as duck, rabbit, snails, chicken, artichokes, beans, tomatoes, garlic, saffron, rosemary and olive oil. The ingredients of the dish have continued to evolve to this day, and now include seafood, chorizo, and additional vegetables and seasoning’s.

We are passionate about Paella pans – the perfect cookware used by millions to create great Paella results outdoors. Browse our stock online or call for advice on which Paella pan is best for you.

Paella Pans UK have a great range of small, large and even catering pans for cooking Paella. Enjoy your visit, muchas gracias! We are part of the PaellaWorld group. You can also read about the company here. Or about The History of Paella, or our range of products and Paella Pans.

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